3 in 1 Screen Cleaner

DATE ADDED: 03 Oct 2021
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Screen Dirt Remover

Sanitise the screen of your mobile phones and tablets with the 3 in 1 Screen Cleaner.

Most people spend the whole day on their phones, laptops, and TVs without knowing how grimy their gadgets are. This cleaner keeps you safe from dirt and germs.

Do friends and family pick up your phone all the time? You will find this cleaner handy in decontaminating all fingerprints.

It is very easy to use. The screen spray design keeps liquid from getting into the charging port or other openings of your device.

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Stop those germs from lingering on your phone with the 3 in 1 Screen Cleaner🤳

✓ Works Well For Television, Tablets & Phone Screens
✓ Easy & Safe To Use
✓ Decontaminates Fingerprints On Phone

This spray sterilizes your phone without getting the ports wet or damaged💦

Grab It Now👉

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