Aerial Yoga

DATE ADDED: 18 Sep 2021
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Fitness Hanging Belt

Aerial Yoga is a fun, effective, and relaxing way of keeping fit.

Make your workouts and yoga routine more creative by mixing acrobatics.

The set contains everything you need to get started.The anti-gravity hammock and trapeze allow for extended periods of inversions and flying.

Aerial Yoga is suitable for people of all ages. Your family will find it fun & exciting to partake in flying stunts.

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Keep fit by trying flying stunts at home while working out with the Aerial Yoga🤸

✓ Everyone In Your Family Can Use It.
✓ Suitable For All Ages
✓ Support For Your Back Is Comfy & Removable

These ceiling belts make workouts and yoga more exciting and fun🧘‍♂️

Get Yours Here 👉

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