Anti Slip Shoes cover

DATE ADDED: 12 Aug 2021
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Cycling Overshoes

Prevents dust and dirt from getting into your shoes with the Anti Slip Shoes cover.

Enjoy a comfortable fit as the elastic fabric and hollow bottom design covers most road/mountain bike shoes.

Keep yourself safe! Maintain visibility when cycling at night as the reflective logo on the shoes tells others you are ahead.

The heel zipper design makes it hassle-free to wear and take off. The lightweight design makes it easy to store in your pocket & bag.

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Protect your riding shoes from becoming dusty & dirty with the Anti Slip Shoe Cover🚴‍♀️

✓ Comfortable & Skin Friendly
✓ Smooth Zipper Makes It Easy Put On And Take Off ✓ Breathable With An Elastic Fit

These lightweight covers are foldable & convenient to store in your pocket and bike bags🎒

Grab It Here👉

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