Baby non slip Bath tub

DATE ADDED: 04 Sep 2021
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Infant Bathtub Cushion

Make bathtimes more fun and comfy with the Baby NonSlip BathTub.

This baby tub cushion is a savior to first-time parents who are anxious and scared of bathing their babies.

Keep your baby safe as you support his head, neck, waist, and spine during bathtimes.

Do not worry about your little one slipping off the tub. The 3-way buckle secures the cushion support to the bathtub.

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Give your baby a relaxing and comfy bath by using the Non-Slip BathTub 🛀

✓Soft & Supportive
✓Keep Baby Safe & Secure
✓Protects Your Baby’s Waist and spine

This infant tub cushion elevates your baby’s head, keeping water from getting into his ears.

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