Magic Quick Drying Comb

DATE ADDED: 10 Sep 2021
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Fast Drying Massage Brush

Speed up your hair-styling routine with the Magic Quick Drying Comb.

Unlike regular combs, which do not absorb water, our Magic Comb dries up moisture & brushes at the same time.

This fast-drying brush offers improved blood circulation in your scalp whenever you wash or massage your hair.

The side vents allow inflow of air, which keeps your brush fresh, dry, and free from germs.

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Enjoy a soothing and hair drying experience with our Magic Quick Drying Comb

✓ Dries Your Hair Faster
✓ Great For All Hair Types
✓ Detangles Wet Hair Quickly

This best, all in one, scalp massaging, bathroom essential

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