Magnetic Nail Polish Gel

DATE ADDED: 01 Oct 2021
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Cat Eye Nails

Give your nails an eye-popping upgrade with the Magnetic Nail Polish Gel.

Paint your nails like a pro. With this polish, you create different cat-eye patterns on your nails in a hassle-free manner.

Stop spending tons of money on manicures when you can get elegant and chic nails done at home. The polish is non-toxic and safe to use.

Stand out of the crowd with your #Instaready nails.

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Paint your nails like a pro as you add shine and glitters with the Magnetic Nail Polish Gel💅

✓ Achieve Salon-style Nail Art At Home
✓ Cat-eye Effect Looks Brilliant From Every Angle
✓ Made Using Skin-friendly Ingredients

This nail polish makes your nails look fabulous & shiny anytime✨

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