Massage Ball

DATE ADDED: 27 Aug 2021
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Kiss Those Aches Goodbye & Massage Anytime, Anywhere

Experience soothing relief as you rub-down your sore and tight muscles with the Water-resistant Massage Ball.

Unlike foam rollers, this massage ball allows you to choose from 4 vibration modes that penetrate deeply into your body, stimulating blood circulation, relieving you of tension and pain.

Save your time and money to hire a therapist as you workout at the comfort of your home.

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Ditch the aches and roll out your sore & tight muscles with the amazing massage ball

✓Four levels of deep vibrating penetration
✓Portable & highly water-resistant
✓Easy to use at home

This massage ball is the perfect workout therapy for your feet and stressed-up body after a long tiring day or intense workout

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