Organic Catnip Stick

DATE ADDED: 18 Oct 2021
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Purrrrrfect Dental Stalks Improve your pet's dental health by letting them chew on the Organic Catnip Stick.

Chewing on this bark will help to floss your pet's teeth and remove the build-up of plaque bacteria.

Keep your pet mentally alert and active as it plays around the stalk.

Freshen up your pet's breath! The catnip scent is highly attractive to cats and distracts them from getting bored or destructive.

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Floss your pet’s teeth & freshen up breath with the Organic Catnip Stick🎋

✓ Remove Build-up Of Plaque Bacteria
✓ Stimulate Natural Play Behaviour
✓ Keep Pet Mentally Alert And Physically Active

Chewing on these stalks will distract pets from ruining your furniture🐈


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