Planter Bags

DATE ADDED: 26 Sep 2021
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Vertical Grow Bags

Grow plants on your patios & balconies with our Planter Bags.

Unlike normal pots, which are heavy, our lightweight planters are easy to move during the growing season.

These bags are breathable and drain well. The fabric allows air to reach the plant roots so the soil won’t get soggy.

Let your plants breathe as heat escapes through the fabric of the bags. The soil in planter bags is cooler in the summer, not like hot plastic pots.

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Create a lovely balcony, patio, or rooftop garden with these Planter Bags🎋

✓ Does Not Heat Up In The Summer Sun
✓ Prevent Plants From Becoming Rootbound
✓ Lightweight Bags Are Easy To Move Around

These bags make planning fun & perfect for places without garden space🌱

Grab It Here👉

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