S6 Blutooth Headphones

DATE ADDED: 16 Oct 2021
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Wireless Earphones

Forget the outdoor noise and focus on the beats or discussion in your ears with the S6 Bluetooth Headphones.

This pair of earbuds let you listen to music without dealing with external noise. Enjoy these waterproof earphones even in rainy weather.

Enjoy long hours of use away from home with the durable 40mAh battery in the earphones. You no longer need to worry about your earbuds running out of juice.

When having a phone call discussion, the sound quality is so clear you feel like you're having a direct face-to-face discussion.

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Forget background noise as you listen to music & phone calls with the S6 Bluetooth Headphones👂

✓ Stay On The Phone For Longer Hours
✓ Fast & Easy Pairing With Bluetooth Devices
✓ One Or Both Earbud Can Be Use At A Time

Enjoy these waterproof earbuds even in rainy or wet weather conditions💦

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