Solar levitating Car ornament

DATE ADDED: 05 Sep 2021
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Get Your Passengers Entertained On Every Trip

Make your dashboard come alive as you decorate it with the Solar Levitating Car Ornament.

A perfect conversation starter, the hovering, levitating, and rotating movement is extremely lovely to look at and talk about.

Powered by the sun, this solar system figurine is the perfect way of distracting your passengers from any long tiring trip.

Experience the joy of teaching kids about geography and the solar system as you help them understand the effects of the earth's rotation.

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Beautify your dashboard and capture the attention of your passengers with the awesome Solar Levitating Car Ornament 💫

✓Creative car decoration
✓Great gift ideas for car lovers
✓Easy way to tell kids about space and geography

This solar system figurine reminds everyone of the intriguing power of nature and space 🌐

Grab Yours now 👉

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