Trippy Tapestry

DATE ADDED: 06 Oct 2021
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Colorful Wall Decor

Add color and personality to your walls with the Trippy Tapestry.

Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for your room. This wall decor brings energetic vibes to any room.

Fill up your large walls and black space with busy colors. This home decor makes a nice background to take pictures in.

You will find it easy to hang this wall tapestry by using decorative tacks, push pins & thumbtacks.

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Brighten up blank or boring walls spaces with the Trippy Tapestry🖼️

✓ Makes A Nice Background To Take Pictures In
✓ Easy To Hang
✓ Adds A Pop Of Color To Any Room

This wall decor creates a cozy & relaxing atmosphere for any room😌

Grab It Here👉

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