Workout Sliding Mat

DATE ADDED: 14 Oct 2021
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Balance Trainer Board

Improve your balance during workouts with the Workout Sliding Mat.

This exercising mat restores flexibility and builds strength in your feet following an injury. Safely return to normal activity after surgery or injury.

Most workouts concentrate more on the front-to-back movements. Using this board to exercise your sides, engaging the muscles in the core that provide stability and balance for the whole body.

Feel safe & secure during workouts as there are two fender bumpers on each end that prevent you from sliding off the board.

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Improve your balance and train your legs with the Workout Sliding Mat🎚️

✓ Fender Bumpers At Each Prevents Falls & Slipping ✓ Training Your Legs For Sports Like Skating, Hockey, Etc
✓ Anti-Impact, Flexible, Corrosion Resistant, And Durable

Recover & regain your lifestyle fast after injury or surgery🤕

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